We help you humanize your business for more meaningful growth.
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We like to think of ourselves as fellow travelers on journeys of change.
We operate across the globe as a company with no bosses, no bricks and no borders.
We are passionate, multicultural, truly global, and driven by the profound belief that with our clients and with the brands we work for, we can create positive change in our world.
And when you meet us, you will notice straight away: We love making change fun!
Innate Motion and Big Mama now partners
We are proud partner and investor in Big Mama’s Famous Truth Shop Big Mama’s Famous Truth Shop helps us to understand the changing societies in Africa, conducting market research like you have never seen before. Inspired by a very African innovation – the stokvel – Big Mama’s Famous Truth Shop uses a blend of innovative qualitative and quantitative research methodologie
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Let’s talk about greed

I know this doesn’t have a whole lot to do with Generosity – in fact it has a lot to do with the opposite – Greed. I was enraged by a Christmas liquor broadsheet from Makro, (a large wholesaler in South Africa) advertising a R2m (circa E180K) bottle of Royal Salute Whisky.
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